Finding a wedding photographer can be OVERWHELMING… am I right?!?? How do you even begin to comb through the thousands of options? It’s tough, but here are 3 questions to ask when picking a photographer that will help you find the right pick.

Are you ready to capture your love story?

Here are those 3 questions to ask when picking a photographer!

Bride and Groom Portraits with veil

Question 1: Do you LOVE their photos?!?

This is the first question you should be asking a potential wedding photographer! Can you picture yourself in their photos? Do you like their editing style? Do their photographs match your wedding aesthetic and vision?

These are super important questions to ask because if you don’t like their photos, then you won’t like the photos they take of you at your wedding… and nobody wants that!

Picking a photographer who already has a gallery full of work that you love will save you from the heartbreak of a wedding gallery you hate.

There isn’t one style of photography that’s better than another: light and airy isn’t any better than dark and moody…inside, versus outside, traditional and posed versus candid are all different things to consider when looking for a wedding photographer.

There is a photographer that’s going to have a style that matches you and your style. Your wedding day is about YOU and your UNIQUE STYLE and you want someone that is going to capture your day perfectly!

Bride and groom leaning on a railing. Groom is in a green jacket and bride has on a veil

Question 2: Does your personality clique with this person?

This is a question that probably isn’t at top of mind for a lot of brides or grooms, but it’s an important one to consider. You will be spending most of your day with the photographer you pick, so you don’t want some random stranger following you around all day.

This can look like a lot of different things. You might be looking for someone who is your hype girl giving you 110% energy orrrr it could be that you prefer someone who is a little more laid back and quiet. Neither is wrong, and it is totally UP TO YOU.

You want to make sure that your photographer is someone that you could be friends with. You don’t want to spend your entire day annoyed by the fact that your photographer’s personality is too dull or not hype enough.

Music will eventually fade, and the cake will be eaten, but your wedding photos are going to last forever. When you’re comfortable with your photographer, your photos are gonna turn out wayyyyyy better.
You’ll be able to act like yourself, let your guard down, and show raw emotion. If you choose a photographer who doesn’t click with your personality your wedding photos are going to show it.

A bride and groom kissing their two small dogs

Question 3: Can you trust this person to capture your day with expertise and talent?

This final question ties together the first two questions. It is so so soooooo important to make sure that your photographer is someone you trust because you wanna be free to enjoy your day. You do not want to be stressing about whether or not the photographer will be getting the right shot or forgetting something.

Do you trust this person is going to show up on time, deliver photos when they say they’re going to deliver them, and deliver photos at the quality they promised?

Your photographer should be there for you and willing to go above and beyond to make sure your wedding photos are absolutely stunning. Trusting your photographer means that your wedding day becomes a collaboration! Here are just a couple of examples of what it looks like to trust your photographer:

  • Building a wedding timeline based on your photographer’s recommendations. They know what lighting is best. Good natural light = stunning portraits
  • Following your photographer’s crazy prompts

Remember you hired a professional, and trusting them with creativity is essential.

a Bride and groom under the flatirons in boulder

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