WHAT A YEAR 2022 was for adventure! Originally, I was going to have some fun top three moments for my 2022 recap, but honestly, this year was too good of a year to only pick 3…

Of course, there were some really tough things that happened. My stepdad died, I had to deal with some crippling anxiety, and began to navigate finding community with Allen after a really difficult 2021. 

I’m excited about what my year looked like for the first time in a long time! I look at everything I’ve done and how I’ve grown throughout the year, and damn…. I’m pretty proud of the progress!

It’s impossible, to sum up, a year because it is more than a list of accomplishments, buttttttt I like tangible ways of reflection. 

So here is my 2022 list of things I’m stoked on:

6 states

Photo of plane over a mountain dessert / Las Vegas

4 – 14ers with my bestie

Crysahna and her friend Joanna at a trailhead for Mt. Massive

Starting 2 businesses

(did we really do that?!?)

Out-of-town family visits (somehow I can’t find a single photo from this?)

15 days of Skiing

photo of crysahna and her family on the ski slopes

and hiking

Crysahna taking a selfie in nature

and good beer (duh)

Crysahna and Allen drinking a beer

Fostering a sweet pitty boy

Crysahna taking a selfie with dogs

Exploring Denver and the whole state of Colorado (confirmed: I may never leave)

hammock picture

Falling in love with Black Canyon of the Gunnison (seriously, this place is slept on 💤)

Selfie with Black Canyon of the Gunnison in the background

Celebrating friends at their wedding ( I love love 🥹)

3 Concerts

A new pair of Chacos after 7 years and 30+ countries

New vs. old chacos

Rafting and cliff jumping

River rafting

Sky Diving (all-time favorite moment of the year!!!!)

Catching my first fish

Crysahna holding a trout she caught

So many sunsets and a few sunrises (lol mornings are ROUGH)

Sunrise over the mountains

Some of the best bites of food 🤤

Oysters on the half shell

Watching my youngest brother graduate high school

Gaining confidence 

Crysahna taking a mirror selfie

Learning better communication 

Learning how to be a better wife 

Crysahna and Allen at Thanksgiving

Healing. Lots and lots of healing ❤️‍🩹 

Crysahna in a ski helmet smiling

And that’s my 2022 recap…I can’t wait for this next year! If you want to share your story, let’s connect!

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