Choosing the outfit with the right colors for your engagement session is important! Not sure what to wear?! Keep reading to learn some of my tips and tricks on how color affects photos.

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Tips for Colors when Picking an Outfit to Wear

When it comes to color, you do want to stand out from your surroundings but also look like you belong there.

Here are my favorite suggestions for couples when picking colors to wear:

  • White and Black
  • Neutrals 
  • Earth Tones (my personal favorite)

I typically encourage my clients to wear more neutral/earthy tones because they look incredible in nature. Earth tones also give you color options without being too much. When it comes to color, you do want to stand out from your surroundings but also look like you belong there. For example, a bright yellow and green shirt would look more out of place than a mustard yellow or dark green shirt.

One or two pops of color pair nicely with neutrals. For example, If you do have a pop of color in a piece of clothing, it’s nice to not overcrowd that color with other ones.

Here are the colors I tell people to avoid when picking colors to wear:

  • Neons
  • Reds
  • Anything overly bright

These colors typically don’t vibe with an adventurous outdoor theme, and they look very manufactured/bright/aggressive. They will stand out like a sore thumb and will end up looking out of place in the final photo.

An exception to the rules:

Like any rule, there are always exceptions. If you really have your heart set on an outfit or color, let’s chat! I’m not saying neon is an absolute no-go, but it takes extra planning to make sure those colors photograph well.

Final Thoughts

I send out a personalized outfit guide to all of my clients, but at the end of the day wear what you feel comfortable in. It can be tough deciding on what colors to wear for your photoshoot, but don’t stress! If you follow my tips, you are going to look incredible.

Still, have questions? Reach out! I’d love to help you style a superb outfit for your session.

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