This is your sign to throw out traditional wedding vibes and focus on WHAT YOU WANT. Kay and Gram were one of the most untraditional couples I have photographed. I loved their untraditional elopement!

Kay walking down the aisle

Their main focus was spending time with friends and family. As Kay said, “We are throwing a big party that we happen to be getting married at.” That is exactly what happened. It was a big party from start to finish.

How amazing is that? Kay and Graham did not care one bit about throwing a traditional reception. What makes it even better is that their families were fun and 100% supportive of their decision.

The Day of Their Untraditional Elopement…

When I arrived at Kay’s house, she was mostly ready. She didn’t want a ton of photos, but I did take a few for the memories. She left, and I followed her up the windy road to Sunrise Amphitheater. This is where things really get untraditional! Graham was already there, but so were all of their friends. They rode up on charter buses with coolers of drinks.

Everyone was laughing and talking with each other. Until the ceremony began. The ceremony was somewhat traditional. By that, I mean that Kay walked down the aisle with her father and then said her vows to Graham. That is about all the traditions they followed!

How did they budget?

Their budget was focused on yummy food (check out The Post Chicken here), drinks, and a good time. After everyone ate their fill of chicken and mac ‘n cheese, everyone went out on Pearl Street in Boulder to continue the party! This is where we said goodbye.

I loved how much fun Kay and Graham had on their wedding day. They did not care about following any rules. The only important thing to them was having fun.

If this untraditional elopement sounds like a dream, let’s connect!

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