Chautauqua Park is one of the most popular and busiest trails in Boulder County, and it is easy to tell why with epic views of the Flatirons setting the perfect backdrop for any activity! It’s beautiful. It’s iconic. And, it is an incredible place to say your vows!

Where is Chautauqua Park?

This park is located at the base of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. If you are having a small ceremony (10 max), you can walk right out onto the trails of the park and say your vows.

Dreamy, right!?!

Is a Permit Required?

Similar to other locations in Boulder County, a permit is required which is $250 and includes 2 hours of ceremony time. There are restrictions regarding the days and times an elopement can take place. There are always hikers on the trail, but the slow season makes it an incredible place to elope!

What to Expect when Eloping at Chautauqua Park

If you choose to elope at Chautauqua Park, there are a few things to note. First, Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks requires the rental of one of the picnic shelters or ceremony sites if you are going to have guests. If there are no guests, then the only required permit is the photographer’s permit.

You can read more about rentals here!

I loveeee Chautauqua, but there are so many other “hidden gems” in the Boulder area! If you’re curious about some of the lesser-known areas, let’s get in touch!

Sarah + Sebastian’s Sunset Elopement

Sarah and Sebastian are such a sweet couple. We had a ton of fun playing around during our portrait session. Take a look at a few of those photos below!

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